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  • Scott Duffield

There's a new channel in town - BBC Scotland Launches.

24.02.19 is finally here and it's time for the new BBC Scotland Channel. The channel launch is long awaited, with the BBC upping their social media use with new accounts '@BBCScotNine' and '@BBCTheEdit' really attracting an online audience.

But how will this channel shift the broadcasting landscape in Scotland? The initial budget of BBC Scotland is £32m and the channel will broadcast 50% original content and 50% returning programmes. The station will host a range of content, from new dramas, original news programming, documentaries and more!

The channel was launched at 7pm with a performance from CHVRCHES and BBC Symphony Orchestra with 'Miracle' - followed by Iain Sterling with 'A Night At The Theatre'. Also in the line-up for the debut night of the station is 'Getting Hitched Asian Style', 'The People's News', a flavour of 'The Nine' and brand new 'Still Game'.

What new content should you look out for?

The Nine - anchored by Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler in the BBC's new open-plan studio in BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay office, the hour-long programme will be broadcast every week night bringing Scottish, UK and International news together in a more relaxed format but still striving for high-quality "original journalism".

The Edit - on Wednesday's David Farrell and Amy Irons will focus on Scottish Entertainment news. David joins BBC Scotland after heading-up STV2's Live At Five programme.

Debate Night - in a similar format to BBC Question Time, Stephen Jardine will head-up Scotland's political debate programme which will be broadcast Wednesday evenings.

Yes/No - Inside the IndyRef - produced by STV Productions this three-part documentary series will look a the two campaign run during the 2014 referendum.

Emeli Sandé's Street Symphony - this arts programme will follow the singer-songwriter as she travels across Scotland and finds five street buskers to put on a concert with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (and Emeli) at the City Halls in Glasgow.

Inside Central Station - this six-part documentary will look into the people behind Scotland's busiest train station. A similar eight-part series The Children's Hospital will also be aired on the channel looking at the work of the staff at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

What will come of this channel is still unknown as it's very early days - however, the channel will provide content by Scottish production teams for a Scottish audience and new talent both on and off screen.

I personally, cannot wait to see the news output from the channel - the team behind The Nine are top-class and I'm sure the months of preparation won't fall short! Best of Luck BBC Scotland!